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IMA has developed one of the most comprehensive, whole enterprise document and records management solutions of its kind. You can securely access, share and store information of all types from anywhere at anytime.

With information delivered to and stored on one searchable, central, secured repository, your unique user name and password are keys that control access. IMA lets you store and manage documents securely over the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, empowering employees, customers, partners and vendors to become significantly more efficient.

The Radix interface is easy to use, just as you currently use your PC or filing cabinet, create cabinets and folders online to store your documents. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. Use it for storing invoices, statements, lease agreements, contracts, insurance information, patient files, employee records... there are no limits to the type of content your Radix application can store.

Powerful search tools are built right into the application and are as easy to use as Google or Yahoo search. As part of any customer's set up, IMA provides customization of your Radix application's search capabilities. Additionally, your organization's ability to utilize workflow and collaboration tools within the application will effectively cut costs, increase productivity and build efficiency across business units.

IMA cares about protecting information assets. With its disaster resistant, climate controlled environment for both electronic and physical storage, IMA presents a constant disaster readiness. Through your Internet connection, with the latest encryption technology and firewall protection.

Radix Features

Version Control and Audit Trail - methods for monitoring changes in a document, who accesses it, when it is accessed and keeping track of its multiple versions.

Check In/Check Out - a locking mechanism that allows only one user to modify a document at a given time.

Group and User Administration - controls that restrict user access according to preset customer specifications.

Workflow/Collaboration - enables simultaneous document sharing and multiple authorship of documents including preset routing, approval and audit processes.

Indexing System - permits organizing documents into related groups, such as cabinets or folders.

Free-text Search and Retrieval - enable rapid access to documents based on finding keywords or numbers in text.

Metadata Indexing - properties to enable document workflow controlled by index data such as author, title, date created, accessed or modified.

Inbox - a user's personal space for incoming and outgoing information ranging from text communication, to document routing and approval, driving more efficient collaboration.

Electronic Imaging - permits information capture by scanning and indexing documents directly into the system.

OCR, ICR - recognition technologies that enable conversion of imaged paper documents into computer-usable data.

Electronic Publishing - assembles and combines documents into coherent collections for selective distribution.

ERM Storage - large volume electronic storage media for permanent archiving of documents.

Import/Delete Content - permits users the ability to import and delete content. Each instance is logged for future audit purposes.

Messaging - send and receive messages through your application of Radix to facilitate and compliment information sharing, collaboration and workflow processes.